In The News: Malawians at the Olympics

August 22, 2008

Malawi’s athletes at the Beijing Olympics may not be standing at the podium, but they are making news.

The Nyasa Times reports that swimmer Charlton Nyirenda’s performance at Olympics is the best ever by a Malawian.

The Vancouver Sun’s Bev Wake was not feeling the scarves the Malawi’s athletes wore during the opening ceremonies.

What news stories have you seen?


14 Year-Old Malawian Zahra Pinto Places In Olympic Heat

August 16, 2008

Zahra Pinto has got to be smiling now. This week she’s been training on the  very  same lane where uber Olympian Michael Phelps has mined for gold. Today was her turn to shine and swim in Beijing.

The 14 year-old came in third in the second heat for the women’s 50m freestyle preliminaries with a time of 32.53. Compare her time to her competitors.

Even though Zahra’s time was not fast enough to qualify her for the finals, you know that her mother, Polyanna, who accompanied the teenager to China, has to be proud. Read more in Zahra’s Beijing blog.

Charlton Nyirenda, Malawi’s Own Michael Phelps, Beats The Competition In His Olympic Heat

August 15, 2008


Last Friday night Charlton Nyirenda led the Malawian delegation  as the flag bearer during the parade of nations.  Today he swam to first place in the third heat of the Men’s 50 m freestyle race at the  Beijing Olympics.

His time was  27.46.

See  how his competition stacked up here. And   Malawi Rocks thanks Susan for this link.

I call him Malawi’s own Michael Phelps. What do you call him?

Olympics: Malawians On Parade

August 10, 2008

Malawians were among the first to march in the opening night parade of nations at the Beijing Olympics. Nineteen year-old swimmer and flag holder Charlton Nyirenda led the delegation. 

Did you catch what NBC’s Matt Lauer had to say as the Malawian delegation paraded? The US commentator simply said Malawi is the country where Madonna went to adopt baby David Banda.

Is there anything  else you wish he would have said?

Shine On: Malawians Representin’ At The Olympics

August 2, 2008

Four Malawians will be competing in the Olympics, including 14 year-old swimmer Zahra Pinto.

She dives into the games with a bit of an disadvantage.  There are no indoor pools in Malawi.

The teenager will be accompanied in Beijing by fellow swimmer Charlton Nyirenda and runners Chancy Master and Lucia Chandamale.

The Malawian Olympic Committee is not expecting any of the atheletes to come home with the gold, but with a wealth of knowledge.

So check back in 2012.

Get more information about Malawian Olympians contact

 the Malawi Olympic Committee

Malawi Olympic Committee
Malawi Olympic Committee

Ride On: Recycling Cycles for Malawi

July 10, 2008

It’s good for the earth and it’s good for Malawi. Instead of ending up in a landfill Africycle recycles cycles and sends them to Malawi. If you’ve ever spent time on a road in Malawi you’ll know just what an important role bikes play in transportation.

Learn more here

Malawian Star Adopts American Child?

July 9, 2008

I actually admire Madonna and Angelina for adopting African children. Even with all the attendant publicity I have to believe the adoptions with prompted by love.

Have said that, this video is a stitch.

Happy Birthday Malawi!

July 6, 2008

American president George W. Bush was born on this day. So was Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone and rapper 50 Cent. July 6th is also the 44th birthday of Malawi, formerly known as Nysaland, making today the perfect date to launch this blog and begin construction of

This site will focus on all things cool about the warm heart of Africa.

Moni/hello and welcome.